ioRoot allows you to root your LG devices in a click. Simply install the LG USB Drivers on your Computer, and after installing the drivers enable usb debugging on your smartphone. After enabling the usb debugging, connect your device and launch root.bat from the ioRoot tool and follow the screen instructions.

Root LG Devices
With the help of ioRoot, you can easily root various LG devices including LG Optimus G (all variants), LG G2 (all variants), LG G3 (all variants on 4.4.2), LG G Flex (all variants on 4.2.2 only), LG G Pro (running on 4.4.2), LG G Pro 2 (running on 4.4.2) and LG G Pad 8.3 (all variants) devices.

Manual Root
ioRoot also allows you to root your device manually. For that you need to launch the terminal and enter the commands manually to gain root access

ioRoot_Tool_V03 Download

ioRoot_Tool_V04  Download

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ioRoot_Tool_V10  Download

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