eMMC SW Download Tool User Manual
eMMC Download Tool is used to upgrade qualcomm serial platforms tablet or phone.
Before using the tool, press three keys of vol+, vol- and power at the same time for 3-5 seconds to switch tablet/phone to download mode.

1. Main UI     eMMC DL   Download

2. Main UI function sections

3. Connect the tablet/phone with PC by USB cable
Right click on “computer” -> “manage”, select “device manager”, click on “Ports”, show as below, “Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 9006 (COM22) ” displayed:

4. Config Com Port
Click menu “Setting” -> “Setting Port”, open window as below, Input the Port Number 22:

Click “OK” button to close this window.
The eMMC SW Download Tool will be shown as below:

5. Configure FW Path
Click  , select the directory of FW, shown as below:

Then Click “OK” button to close this window. The main UI shown as below:

6. Start to Download FW
Click “DL1” button to start download procedure. Shown as below:

7. Download Finished
If download finished succfully, the main UI shown as below:

After finished, then press “reset” key to restart tablet/phone.

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