ClockworkMod a software developer that provides a variety of Android apps. First widely used in many custom ROMs made CWM (ClockworkMod) referred to as Recovery own custom recovery is known.

Once flashed, this recovery Android device replaces the stock recovery. If such images to create and restore backups, such as ultra-C5 Sony Xperia dual operations on various system level, you can use this recovery, use some or all of the custom ROM flashes and other developer tools. ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) Koushik "Koushi" made by Dutta is a backup recovery option for Android devices.

This Android 2.1 (Eclair) is based on the recovery image. Properties </ p> update.zips Nandroid backup of your choice, adb shell, advanced options (ignoring claims and signing checks), and file browser

ROM Manager application on stock recovery device can be used to install CWM. As with stock recovery, CWM device can implement software changes.

In contrast to stock recovery, such as the device's primary CWM completely CyanogenMod Android operating system, including the replacement aftermarket ("flashing a new ROM") can do instead.

Once installed, the CWM later bootloader by holding down the button combination dependent on some devices when opened prompt the trigger is accessed by turning your device. CWM recovery is also known as clockwork and CW. They also provide the following applications

ROM Part 1 :

ROM Part 2 :

ROM Part 3 :

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