This is a temporary solution to unsigned loading. The bootloader on the device is currently locked, so after rebooting, it will revert back to standard recovery. Use this to restore to a stock firmware or to install SuperSU

Download the official  firmware and extract it.
Rename to
Copy to the root of your SD card.
Enable USB debugging on your tablet.
Run Launcher.bat.
Choose option T3.
This will reboot in to the Tethered Recovery.
Choose Install Zip from external SD card.
Reboot once finished.

Bootable Image for Recovery
This file is to be used if your system will not get past the Asus or Intel logo. Boot the system using Volume Up and Power. Once the logo appears, let go of power. Once in DroidBoot, use fast boot to flash the boot and system images. This is provided in case signature verification fails on the official images.

fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot flash boot boot.img

This file also contains adb and fastboot. If your tablet is not detected, try the Asus drivers.
Reboot the system and use the CWM tethered recovery to reinstall the official firmware.

OTA Updates
If you’ve recovered from the official firmware on the Asus site, you’re probably sitting at version WW- Here are the OTA updates to bring your system up to the current version of WW- There are two different OTA updates available here, so the process will need to be completed twice. Update 172 to 183 and Update 183 to 189

Boot in to recovery, press the volume keys several times and install from ADB.
Extract the RAR file and rename the files

On your PC, open a command prompt and change to the directory containing the update file
Assuming ADB is installed on the system, type: adb sideload

Once the process completes, reboot your system and update apps as needed.
Repeat this process for any additional update files.

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