Model SM-G9006W
Model name GALAXY S5
Country China (China Unicom)
Version Android 5.0
Changelist 4884557
Build date Tue, 12 May 2015 02:55:50 +0000
Product code CHU

Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G9006W Firmware Download

1) Now switch off your phone. Then the phone with Power Start Button + Home Button and Mute Button. Phone switch to the Download Mode so that you get to ask a question, and press to open the sound to your phone.

2) Remove from the archive you downloaded the ROM file and select the file you downloaded from the PDA section.

3) Connect your phone to the computer. Close the Samsung Kies program!

4) Then, start the process by pressing Start.

Do not disconnect your phone's cut in this step! Installation finished restart the phone to be seen again began to write text on the screen pass.

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